The first Reference Station Network in Sardinia

Rete delle Stazioni Permanenti della Sardegna
The Reference Station Network GPS SARNET, realized afterwards an accurate design phase held in the year 2006, covers about the 90% of the territory of Sardinia (May 2009) and after the activation of a new station in Porto Torres is intended to cover the 100% of the Regional territory.

The Network consists of 14 permanent stations, 13 of which already installed and working, to which is added the station EPN CAGZ, belonging to the University of Cagliari (Dipartimento di Ingegneria Strutturale), used as control station.

The Network has been designed to provide a Real Time differential correction distribution service for DGPS, RTK, VRS RTK and a post-processing observations archive.
The service is provided by Geodesia Tecnologie srl in Cagliari (Italy).

Our Services

GPS SARNET's Web Server offers you the chance to avail of the data our Network processes.
The available services are:
  • Virtual RINEX Data dowload on request
  • Virtual RINEX Data creation on request
  • Get information on the current tracking conditions in the network
  • Get information on current atmospheric and ephemeris errors in the network

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